Sports Injury

Dr. Joseph Clements, Dr. Rachel Thorpe, and Dr. Haydi Edward of Advanced Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Atco, NJ, provide sports chiropractic care. Part of that consists of helping people heal from sports-related injuries, both chronic and acute. Let's discuss what a sports injury chiropractor from our practice can do for you!

Types of Sports Injuries We Help With 

Some of the more common sports injuries we help with are sprains and strains, which can stem from overextension. Overexertion contributes to strains, as well.  

Tendinitis is inflammation of a tendon, and it’s an injury a sports injury chiropractor from our facility may assist with. It tends to occur as the result of repetitive use. 

Other examples of sports injuries we assist with include:

  • Sciatica
  • Lower pain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Bursitis 

How We Help 

The start of a practitioner from our Atco practice helping you with a sports injury is gathering information about your medical history and lifestyle. A sports injury chiropractor from our practice will then ask about how you sustained the injury or at least how you believe you injured the area.

Based on the results, our practitioner will then create a customized treatment plan with you in mind. For that reason, our chiropractor will focus on helping you recover fully and get back to the game. Often, this requires you to undergo an exercise therapy program. During this time, our chiropractor will create an exercise program geared toward your injury. It will consist of various stretches that move that particular part. As a result, circulation will increase in those areas, which facilitates healing. Additionally, you're moving that body part to stretch the area. Slowly and gradually, the exercises increase in difficulty. Because of this, your flexion and function in that body part improve over time. The progressiveness of the treatment ensures you don't overexert, reinjure, or further injure the area. 

Part of your treatment for a sports injury will also include a practitioner providing you with lifestyle advice related to preventing sports injuries in the future. Our practitioner will also provide you with a customized schedule on when you can resume sports and other activities once again to ensure you don't further damage the area, which can result in permanent injuries. 

Sometimes, the treatment consists of an alignment of the joint to relieve stress on the neighboring tissue and nerves. Ultimately, this can reduce your pain and discomfort now and speed up the healing process. 

At Advanced Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, serving Atco, NJ, and the nearby vicinity, Dr. Clements, Dr. Thorpe, and Dr. Edward are providing the area with a solution for their sports-related injuries. 

Contact a sports injury chiropractor today by calling 856-753-1111.

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